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NXL ASIA Paintball JB Tournament Leg 3 of 3 Successfully Held

The first of its kind Paintball Competition in a Hockey Stadium on the 25th to 27th of October 2019 was an exciting event for all the participants and fans who came from other countries who attended the said event organized by NXL Asia with the support from a Johor Bahru based non government organization named as COUGARS.

This competition started on the 25th of October for all team (about 70) to compete for the qualifying round to proceed to the next level. According to the organizers, the participating teams came from New Zealand, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Malaysia.

The overall ranking for this event are as follows:

During an interview with Mike Argento, representative from C.I. Sports and NXL Asia, this leg in Johor Bahru is thus far the biggest Paintball competition held in Malaysia as it generated quite a good number of teams from different divisions. Majority of the teams were based in Malaysia, he also added.

Aside from the paintball competition, there were also other ongoing activities around the stadium which was co-organised by COUGARS.

One of the event include the Junior Calisthenics competition which is sponsored by Larkin Welfare & Harmony Association, Johor Bahru.

An e-sports for PUBG Mobile Johor Bahru Open tournament organised by KITAMEN and C5 was also part in the event. This e-sports is looking for a team who will be crowned as the PUBG Mobile champion for Johor Bahru Open 2019 with a cash prize of RM2,000.

Causeway Link and Causeway Link Holidays roadshow showcasing various planned trip to famous attraction places of interests in Johor such as LEGOLAND, Desaru Coast and some shopping trip for guests to enjoy after their games at Taman Daya Hockey Stadium were also part of the event. The roadshow also showcased discounted prices of authentic Hello Kitty merchandises in an open top double-decker bus exhibition owned by the same company.

The presence of the 10 food trucks that offers majority of authentic street food and snacks of Malaysia gave additional value for all the participants and fans to enjoy the event at Taman Daya Hockey Stadium. The participating food truck were Bob Milo, Omakk Café, Bloc, Mimie Coconut, Bigchefotr, YsM, CSB, RB food, Hil & Hail and Coffee Lover.

The closing on the 27th of October featured some highlighted activities such as the 24 drum performances and the friendly paintball match given to all sponsors of the event to have a try.

Meanwhile, the event was spearheaded with the support from the Johor Bharu Parliament through YB Akmal Nasir and other participating sponsors such as CI Sports, Taman Daya Hockey Stadium, Johor Calisthenics, C5, Causeway Link Holidays, Causeway Link, and Kitamen.

On the other note, COUGARS Sports and Recreation Club (Kelab Sukan Rekreasi Cougars) was established in June 2019 as a proactive platform to offer the community an opportunity to participate in a broad variety of sports and recreational activities.

It’s main objective is to plan and facilitate sports and recreational activities in Malaysia, with a particular emphasis in Johor to decrease obesity and also to increase the awareness towards a healthy lifestyle.

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